Oct 20, 2016

#usedtothinq edition 6: Superheroes

We bring you the sixth #usedtothinq quiz on the 23rd of October, Sunday, at 2 PM. Follow the twitter handle @choosetothinq. The quiz is on Superheroes and prizes are sponsored by +Qtrove.com (Curated Products from Handpicked Vendors) .

Oct 19, 2016


In Nov 2016, the Nat Geo TV channel premieres a part-fiction part-documentary mini-series simply titled 'Mars'. As you can guess, the series is about Man attempting to reach the Red Planet: the fictional part is set in 2033 while the documentary has scientists and technologists talking about the science that could get us there.

The fictional Mars crew is in a spacecraft named after a character in a famous Greek mythological story. He was a skilled creator who also tried to escape the bounds of Earth, and the father of a disobedient son. Which character?

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Oct 18, 2016


Taschen, a publisher, is republishing "Le Diners de Gala" in time for Christmas 2016. It's an exotic cookbook with unusual recipes (like "Casanova Cocktails" and "Frog Pasties") paired with quirky illustrations. Gala was the name of the cookbook author's wife. The author was also a renowned artist. Together they threw many remarkable parties.

Who is the artist-author?

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Oct 17, 2016


Which team made its Ranji Trophy debut in the 2016-17 season, led by a cricketer who captained the Andhra team in the previous season?

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Oct 16, 2016


American playwright Edward Albee died in Sept 2016. He won several Pulitzer Prizes for Drama. Surprisingly, what is arguably his best known play didn't win a Pulitzer amidst controversial circumstances.

What was the name of the play, whose last line is, aptly, "I am, George...I am."?

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