Dec 17, 2014


The satirical news site "The Onion" makes a selection for its "Person of the Year". For the first time, two people were chosen: one of them was the teen activist Malala Yousufzai (well, of course). The other was a 'sportsman' who won the most important prize in his 'sport' in 2014, using as the Onion remarks: "[moves] such as the "Attitude Adjustment" and the "STFU"".

Who is this worthy winner?

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Dec 16, 2014


This famous Calypso singer had won a Tony award, three Grammies, and even an Emmy. Having not acted much on screen, he never got to the Oscars to complete the 'EGOT' quadruplet of American performing awards. Until 2014, when he won the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.


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Dec 15, 2014


This 2014 book about events in Indian history from about 1970 till 1980 led to bookstores boycotting its publisher, Rupa, because it was exclusively offered only on for the first 3 weeks. Who wrote this book?

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Dec 14, 2014


Guest question by Aman Wadhwa | contribute questions

'Southside with You' is an upcoming non-fictional American film that will go on floors in July 2015. The movie will explore the romance between a famous couple including their first date in 1989 across Chicago's South Side, from which the movie takes its title. Which powerful couple is being talked about who 'broke the internet' in 2012?

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Dec 13, 2014


In 2013, Chinese businessman bought the Nobel medal of C in an auction. In a 2014 auction, W's Nobel medal was bought by Russia's richest man Alisher Usmanov, who returned it back to W.

While C had been dead for a few years at the time of the 2013 auction, W was the first living recipient to auction a Nobel medal. Who are these famous winners?

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