Oct 6, 2015


The previous British record was 23,226 days, 16 hours and 23 minutes. This was broken on Sept 9, 2015.

Who broke it, and what is this record about?

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Oct 5, 2015


During his California visit in Sept 2015, Indian PM Narendra Modi announced a new 'non-stop' Air India flight from New Delhi to San Francisco. Previously, there had been speculation that this would be a 17+ hours Bangalore-SFO flight, potentially the longest active non-stop flight.

The record holder at the time of the speech was a Qantas flight between Sydney and Dallas. In Aug 2015, Emirates announced a longer flight to begin in 2016.

This is slated to link Dubai to which Central American capital city?

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Oct 4, 2015


* "Koru"
* "Silver Fern (Black, White, Blue)
* Red Peak
* Silver Fern (Red, White, Blue)
* Silver Fern (Black, White)

These is the 5 entries that were shortlisted in Sept 2015. One of them will be selected by a vote in late 2015, and go into a final face-off in March 2016.

What is this all about?

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Oct 3, 2015


"Das Reboot" is the name of a 2015 book by Raphael Honigstein. The book is about "How German ____ Reinvented Itself and Conquered the World" after 1998.

What word is in the blank?

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Oct 2, 2015


This 2015 film was originally titled "Nyodda", for the place in which the events of the film are set. Its international release is called "Guilty", for what happens to some of the people in the film.

The name of its mainstream Indian release partly refers to the real-life people that inspired the film.

Which film?

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