Apr 19, 2014


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In 2002, when PWC's consulting arm was being spun off, it was announced that it will be called "Monday," drawing a variety of interesting comments. However, the name change never happened as IBM bought the consulting business.

PWC is again in the news for its quirky renaming of a consulting firm which it acquired in 2014. What is the new name of this consulting firm (with a 100 year history) that has been acquired?

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Apr 18, 2014


Currently, this country's flag is blue, with four stars (red with a white outline) and containing the flag of another nation on its top left. Its Prime Minister has announced a referendum (sometime in the next couple of years) on changing it, preferably to include something more representative of the country, such as a silver fern (but may be not a black cap).

Which country?

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