Oct 10, 2014


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Which product, that began sales in the US in Oct 2014, has been the subject of such social media hashtags such as "#bendgate" and "#hairgate", the latter supposedly being faced by men with long beards, and most women?

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Oct 9, 2014


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In Oct 2014, the British TV series "Top Gear" team were forced to leave this country where they were shooting. Angry crowds had thrown stones at them, and 'certain veterans' held strikes outside their hotel. This fuss was over the number plate of the team's Porsche, which read "H982 FKL".

Which country, and what was the problem?

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Oct 8, 2014


If model-actor Milind Soman and singer Alisha Chinai (in the 90s) are associated with the past tense, a lion with cogs is in the present tense, since 2014. What is all this about?

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Oct 7, 2014


There have been 15 editions of this, but only three countries feature on this list: Pakistan (8 times), South Korea (4 times), and India (3 times - 1966, 1998, and now in 2014).

What is this list about?

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Oct 6, 2014


In Sept 2014, Hong Kong became the scene of intense political protests over the way elections are held in that autonomous region of China. The civil disobedience movement has been called "Occupy Central", partly for the massing of people at the Central Government Complex in the city.

It also acquired another name in the Western media, the "_______ Revolution", because many protestors starting using a piece of household equipment to protect themselves against tear gas used by police. What is the missing word?

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