Oct 20, 2017


In 2017, the cricket boards of which two countries were given Test status?

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Oct 19, 2017


If Hindi : Salman Khan :: Kannada: Sudeep :: Telugu : NTR Jr. :: Tamil : ?

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Oct 18, 2017


This 2017 book's title is about a boy named William Wallace, his father, and a Buddhist concept of a state between death and before being born again. Which award-winning book?

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Oct 17, 2017


2017 sees the 19th edition of this political event. The first was held in 1921, but since 1977, it has been held every five years. Only once was it held in Moscow.

What are we talking about?

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Oct 16, 2017


"The Golden House" is Salman Rushdie's 2017 novel about the Goldens, a family that relocates from Mumbai to the USA. In doing so, they change their names to famous ancient Romans. If the sons are Petronius, Dionysius, and Lucius Apuleis, which infamous emperor's name does their father take?

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Oct 15, 2017


In Oct 2017, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature in India announced that it had photographed this 'vulnerable' animal for the first time in Arunachal Pradesh. Which animal, whose scientific name is 'Panthera Uncia'?

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Oct 14, 2017


In 2017, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella released his autiobiography 'Hit Refresh'. In the US, the book was released at the company's Ignite conference. However, in the UK, the book was released at a venue associated more with tradition than with technology. Which venue?

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