Sep 26, 2010

Infinite Zounds

What will happen?
I'll be posting a new question (if not more) each day on this blog. What's common to every question is that they will be related to something that's emerged in the news recently, something that popped up in common consciousness. Something that I found interesting, and found worth sharing.

How do I get these questions?
The simplest way is to just visit this blog. The subscription feed is here. I've still not managed to get the answers out of the feed content, so you are likely to see both question and answer in the feed!

You can also follow this blog on Twitter (here) for notifications. Posts from this blog will be auto-posted on that account.

Similarly, on Buzz, you can follow auto-updates from this blog (this is the profile, or just add infinitezounds [at] gmail).

I'm still ironing out the creases, so take things easy for a few days.

Can I copy/use/reuse this content?
If you want to use these questions, go ahead. The only request is that you provide adequate credit to this author wherever and whenever you use these questions in the form you found them here.

Hope you enjoy these questions. Have a comment? write to me at infinitezounds followed by the usual Google mail address suffix.


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