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100 days and a contest

Infinite Zounds completes 100 days today. It's a good time to look at what has happened here in those days:

* In total, there have been 102 questions on this blog because on two days, an extra bonus question was asked

* Entertainment (28), Sports (22), and Business (18) have been the top three categories of questions.

* There should probably be a category called "Obituaries"!

* Questions 6 and 73 seem to be the most answered questions

A Contest

To mark the occasion, here's a "make your own IZ question" contest for readers.

What to do: Submit a question based on recent events (anything in the last 6 months).
What we're looking for: The best framed, the zoundiest, the most interesting question. Be creative in the way you set the question. Find us a surprising fact. Don't be too obscure.
What we're offering: The best entry wins a voucher to an online bookstore. We'll also post the best few entries on this blog.
How to send it in: Mail infinitezounds [at] gmail with "IZ 100" in the subject line. Your question should be in plain text, between 100 to 300 characters. Images can be attached, but no word/ppt docs please. Include your name or a handle to identify you by. And don't forget the answer :-)
By when: The contest is open for a week i.e. till 15th of January, 2010.

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