May 23, 2011


Ubuntu, the freely available open source operating system, gives its releases a version number and a catchy name. The name is an alliteration and involves the name of an animal.

For instance, v 4.10 was "Warty Warthog" and 5.10 was "Breezy Badger". After 5.10, the sequence has followed an alphabetical order, such as "Dapper Drake", followed by the likes of "Edgy Eft" and "Feisty Fawn".

The latest release (11.04) is called "Natty ___". The accompanying image shows the animal chosen. It is a type of whale, and the most prominent feature is the presence of a tusk (seen in males). It is usually found in the Arctic region. It has found mention in the book "Moby Dick".

Image: Wikipedia

Which marine animal is this?

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