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At one point in his life, Ram Sampath was dubbed the "next A. R. Rahman", because like Rahman, he was a prodigious composer of popular ad jingles from a young age. However his brief forays into the Hindi film industry have not yielded the same success. He became involved in a plagiarism suit against the Roshans when he successfully sued them for lifting two songs in "Krazzy 4" from his Sony Ericsson cellphone ad.

However, his fortunes seem to be turning thanks to his most recent film album, particularly for a song that he’s sung to the lyrics of Amitabh Bhattacharya.

Which movie, whose title has often been used in relation to touring English cricket teams in the 90s?

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In Jan 2017, Finland became the first country in Europe to officially experiment with this socio-economic concept. Similar experiments are scheduled for many Dutch cities and the Canadian city of Ontario in 2017. In the case of Finland, the figure is 560 Euros a month. What concept?

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