Jun 27, 2011


Lawrence Rowe, a former West Indian batsman, recently had a stand named after him at the cricket stadium of Sabina Park (Kingston, Jamaica) where the first Test between West Indies and India in this year's series was held. Rowe had made one of the most sensational Test debuts of all time, smashing both a hundred and a double hundred in his first match at the same ground.

However, his career didn't flourish much and one of the reasons was both medical and unusual: he had an allergy to something. This same allergy is suffered by footballer Mario Balotelli (currently at Manchester City football club), which caused him to miss a few games earlier this year.

Metaphorically, one could say that former tennis no. 1 Ivan Lendl also suffered from this ailment.

What are Rowe and Balotelli allergic to?

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