Aug 2, 2011


Preparations for the 2012 London Olympics are underway in rather full gusto (inspiring such questions: Q.278, Q.264, Q.157, and Q.112). The sporting goods maker Adidas recently announced the winner of a naming competition that saw more than ten thousand entries, with even British sportsmen such as diver Tom Daley and cricketer Steve Finn entering with "The Stratford Bouncer" and "The Record Breaker" respectively.

The winner however was simply "Albert". The explanation is as follows: "Albert" refers to the Royal Albert Hall, an enormously well-known concert venue. The venue name is then transformed in typical Cockney fashion (in which locals in the East End section of London use rhymes and associations with words instead of the words themselves) to indicate the sporting good in question.

What sporting good has thus been officially named?

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