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As a teenager, she was part of a synchronized swimming team which even won a bronze medal at the French national championships. According to her:
"It was synchronised swimming that taught me: 'Grit your teeth and smile'. In exactly the same way, [politics is] a sport of resistance and endurance. You're in tension and control."
After a controversial proposal to amend some of France's labour laws, especially those related to the cherished number of working hours, she was even dubbed Madame La Gaffe by the local press.

Which lady, who's set a 'first' at a major organization?

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In Jan 2017, Finland became the first country in Europe to officially experiment with this socio-economic concept. Similar experiments are scheduled for many Dutch cities and the Canadian city of Ontario in 2017. In the case of Finland, the figure is 560 Euros a month. What concept?

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