Aug 30, 2011


This is a series of books. The 9th is the latest in the series. Each book has a name common to its title. The name is followed by a word. The following are clues to the nine words, one per title. Today's question is: what is this series, and what is the latest (ninth) title?
  1. (The first title) One meaning of this word is what 1 is in multiplication or what 0 is in addition.
  2. The second word is why kings used to perform the Ashwamedha or Rajasuya Yagna - to prove their "___" over other kings.
  3. The third title is what political parties often give each other and it comes with a deadline.
  4. The fourth is what famous people want to leave behind (no, not an old computer system).
  5. The fifth is what double agents often do to their parent country.
  6. The sixth is what the United Nations often imposes on countries that are naughty.
  7. The seventh is what a good spinner (especially one who can't spin the ball) should have in his kitty.
  8. The format that KBC and most competitive exams have in common.
  9. (this is the latest title) What India was between 1947 to 1950.

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