Oct 1, 2011

1Z Day

Infinite Zounds turns one today. Between a 'tweener and a 'trino have been a lot of people, places, events, and ideas. This blog hopes it was able to share its excitement of how immensely interesting the world around us really is.

And so it will remain. Hopefully, the questions will get better and you'll get even more out of it in the days ahead.

As before, we strongly encourage you to write in to "infinitezounds" [-at-] "gmail" if you have any comments or suggestions. If you like the wares on this blog and think others would like them too, please tell them about this blog (they can also find it on Twitter, via RSS, or on Google Buzz - remember that? :-))

Or just give us a pat on the back via Facebook.

Before we end, please note that in the coming week we'll be running a contest that begins on Sunday. Details will be up tomorrow. Do participate!


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