Feb 13, 2012

IZ 121

This blog hit 500 days (now 600!) of up-time yesterday, for which we thank the internet, all our readers, Wikipedia, and the electricity distribution network around the world. Not to mention the Mayans for keeping the world alive so far.

To mark this 500+ milestone, here is "IZ 121", a collection of questions from the last 1.5 years, over the course of this week. Hope you will like them.

As usual, write in to us if you have any suggestions. If you relished what you see on this blog, consider making a one-time million euro payment to me (hurry! this may be your last chance before the euro goes defunct). If not, I will settle for meagre social media cop-outs like retweets, 'likes', or laudatory emails.

In Fun, Zen, Idiots to you all,

Set 1: India, Sports, SciTech

Set 2: Books, Entertainment & Media, Language & Etymology

Set 3: VIZuals, Connections, Awards, & Obits

Set 4: Business and Economics, Social Sciences, Culture)


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