Sep 20, 2012

The Infinite Zounds 2012 Survey

We're past 155. Survey's open for the last few days.

17 Sept update: I have received 135 responses. Since not all readers visit the blog that regularly, I will keep the survey open for a week and bump it up in the order of posts so that you, my irregular heartbeat of a reader, can tell me all. Thanks :-)

Hello there. You may have noticed that Infinite Zounds is now in the 700s, and if you do the numbers, you'll know the blog is also a couple of weeks away from notching up two years on the board.

Milestones such as these always inspire some introspection: we at IZ aren't immune to this tendency. To help us understand you, our reader, better and to take a few more steps in what looks like the right direction, we have a little survey for you.

OK, "little" is perhaps not the most apt adjective, for there are more than a few questions in this survey. But they aren't very taxing (at least, not as taxing as IZ questions :-) ), and you should be done in a jiffy. I can't emphasise how useful the value of your input will be to us.

So could we get you to click on this link and take the survey when you have some minutes to spare?

Thank you,


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