Jan 23, 2013


These are clues to the last few entries in a list. These entries are chronologically arranged. The list is:
  • (1995) Urbs Prima in Indis, especially before it reverted to "bharataacha sarvapratham shahar"
  • (1997) Two of them
  • (1998) From the heart
  • (2000) When Oothukadu Venkata Subbier's mind rolled like the waves
  • (2002) What happens if you receive a peck on the cheek?
  • (2004) Youth or a triple-bored Tamil letter
  • (2007) A (corporate) sage of sorts
  • (2010) A noted devotee of Shiva (did he play the veena ten times better than most?)
The latest addition (in 2013) is "Ocean". What is this list?

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