Aug 7, 2013

The 2013 Mark Antony Week

It's 2013, and this blog is past a thousand days and thus a thousand questions. Mark Antony, an Times Old Roman of our acquaintance and self-confessed publicity hound, asked us: why not ask readers to give us some free footage?

And we thought it was a good idea.

So here's Mark Antony(*why him? see below) week. Where we ask you, O dedicated reader, to put in some coins in the donation box of social media, and help spread the IZ-virus far and beyond your six degrees of separation.

If you've liked what Infinite Zounds has been up to for the last almost-three years and think it's worth a few pats on the back, here's what you can do to show us your appreciation (one or more of the following):

1. "Like" us on Facebook:

(Studies show that every Facebook 'like' increases the life expectancy of the 'liker' by 0.42%, so this is a win-win situation for all of us.)

2. Give us a blurb. Use this form, and we'll post them all on our appreciation page next week (after filtering out all the hate messages, of course.)

3. Mention us on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or Quora or Path or LinkedIn or any of your preferred social media sites. Tell them about us in 140/280/420 characters. Use this link - this will tell them all about IZ in less than a minute,

4. If you are really that committed or old-fashioned, send an email to your friends recommending us and why you like us and why you think they should follow the blog. Copy us as well. That would be something.

5. Use your imagination. Surprise us.

If you are too lazy to do any of the above, well, what can we do? Just think of us before you go to bed, and we'll take that. Sweet dreams.

Thanks again for all your encouragement and contributions. Look out for the rest of Mark Antony week. And why Mark Antony? Surely you remember this oration from Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'?


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