Jan 9, 2014

The IZ Blurb Page!

Caution: this post is unabashedly about the nice things many people have said about us in public. If, like me, you don't have much of a sweet tooth, I recommend a visit to this site for some sweet cynicism to remove the bitter taste of blurb!

Welcome to the Infinite Zounds Blurb Page, a post devoted exclusively to blurbs (solicited and unsolicited) from our readers. (If you are listed here and have changed your mind about us, no worries: write in and we'll take your blurb off. Yes, we are that nice.)

And if you think we're blurb-worthy, send us a blurb here. If you have any feedback or suggestions that doesn't involve raving about us, use this form.

"Amazing Blog. Keep up the good work. One thing, Why cant readers also contribute questions?"

(IZ: readers can indeed contribute questions. See this.)

Total Perspective Vortex:

"Great page! My daily dose of trivia! Never give it a miss! :)"

Shrivathsan V:

"Excellent Blog Overall... As a student, it helps me in keeping track of current affiars.... A regualar dose of blog will lead you to success in all quiz competitions(unless your competitors do not vist this blog (-: ) It would be nice to have some trivia each day!!"


"In addition to being a great source of information (and a great source of great questions for lazy quiz-masters :p ) , IZ is also 'Quiz setting 101'. Ramanand is a master in the art of setting questions in a way that is fun, interesting and workable with the least possible ambiguity and most possible crispness. In an age where QMs rely on wordplay and confusing, circumlocutory language in order to make questions 'tougher', Ramanand's questions are a breath of fresh air.

Strongly recommend this blog for all quizzers (especially the young ones)."

Mukund Marodia:

"I am a big fan of this blog. My passion for intense quizzing started a few years ago due to the quiz blogs on the net. Of all those, I find IZ to be the most regular, updated and presentable quiz blog. The questions are usually of moderate difficulty and the USP is that they are based on the recent happenings around the world. The questions are well framed and their length is perfect. So one might be well aware of the happenings around the world, yet one might find himself/herself being tricked by the questions posted on the blog, which I believe is a sign of great question-making and quizzing talent. Cheers for your superb effort!"


"Great work for taking this up, doing it for so long and still not out. Good variety, neatly formed questions with complete answers. Only if the answers wouldn't take us away from the IZ page."

Navin Rajaram:

"Keep this up, Ramanand. Great site and commitment in keeping this up."


"All Hail Quizzing... From the first visit to this site, ever since , I haven't missed a single question put up here. Quality , nothing else. Way to go... Keep up the good work . Best Wishes... With an infinite passion for quizzing, a sound mind from the god's own country ! :) "


"thanks man for your continuous contribution to quizzzing. you definitely make my day a little bit more interesting"



IZ: We assume this means "great work!" in the Krakatoan language.


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