Mar 17, 2014

Announcing the IZ Weekly mailing list

Infinite Zounds is available through the web, Facebook, Twitter, and a syndicated feed. However, not all readers like to use these channels. Some simply prefer email-based options.

So here's announcing a new IZ channel: the IZ weekly mailing list. Weekly, because all of us already get lots of email, and we don't want to add to your burden. The weekly IZ letter will have all the questions and answers from the preceding week, and the rare IZ announcement. We're using MailChimp, so there's a likelihood that GMail users will see emails going under tabs such as "Promotions" - they may want to re-route such emails to other tabs.

We will be tweaking this new form of communication as we go along, so expect a few bumps - but hopefully, the ride will smoothen out pretty soon.

To subscribe, visit this link

Some people occasionally have trouble signing up - in that case, send us an email (to infinitezounds[at] with your name ad we'll sign you up)


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