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The Indian film actor Naseeruddin Shah published his autobiography (it's quite interesting - do read it) in 2014. "And Then One Day" talks of an incident from Shah's life where, on a whim, he runs off to Bombay in his teens to become an actor, landing a role as an 'extra'. Eventually, a family acquaintance traces him and brings him home to her brother's house.

The brother was a famous film star, who would go on to tell Shah that boys from good families didn't get into films. Incidentally, this film star published his own autobiography in 2014.

Who was this star?

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In Jan 2017, Finland became the first country in Europe to officially experiment with this socio-economic concept. Similar experiments are scheduled for many Dutch cities and the Canadian city of Ontario in 2017. In the case of Finland, the figure is 560 Euros a month. What concept?

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