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Some bizarre rules of crime writing were revealed on 22nd August 2015. Some mails from an author give an account of the interchange of normal gender traits he established in his novels. In an email to his publisher, the successful author wrote:
I have tried to create characters drastically different from the types who generally appear in crime novels. I have also deliberately changed the sex roles: In many ways, Blomkvist acts like a typical ‘bimbo’ while Lisbeth Salander has stereotypical ‘male’ characteristics and values

Identify the series of crime novels in which these characters appear and the author.

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In Jan 2017, Finland became the first country in Europe to officially experiment with this socio-economic concept. Similar experiments are scheduled for many Dutch cities and the Canadian city of Ontario in 2017. In the case of Finland, the figure is 560 Euros a month. What concept?

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