Feb 3, 2016


A tweet by this celebrity in Jan 2016 read:
Eat bread. Lose weight. Whaaatttt? #ComeJoinMe [...]

Containing a link to diet company Weight Watchers (in which she has a stake), this tweet is said to have influenced its share price going up by 20% by the end of that day.

Which influencer?

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Feb 2, 2016


James Burrows is an American TV director, who helped make shows like "Cheers" and "The Big Bang Theory". A group of actors from a TV sitcom will be reunited for a special episode in Feb 2016. Burrows had famously directed its pilot in 1994.

Which sitcom?

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Feb 1, 2016


In Jan 2016, the Indian government announced its annual list of "Padma" awards. 10 people were awarded India's second highest civilian honour, the Padma Vibhushan.

Two of them have the word 'Rao' in their name and both are from the film world. Who are these two?

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