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Welcoming New Year #usedtothinq style

Get set to welcome the New Year with a quirky #usedtothinq Twitter Quiz. Follow @thinq2win on Twitter for the 16th edition, themed on Ancient Civilizations. Plenty of Prizes to be won on the 1st of Jan, at 2 PM.

Christmas Wishes, #usedtothinq style

As quizzers, we celebrate Christmas the best way: with questions. So on 25th of Dec, Sunday, join us for the 15th #usedtothinq quiz on Twitter. Follow @thinq2win, and have a chance to win plenty of gifts! Merry Christmas!

Lights! Camera! Nolan! The 14th #usedtothinq quiz.

The 14th #usedtothinq quiz will take you on a trip to Hollywood. The theme is 'Films of Chris Nolan' and make sure to turn up for what is expected to be a Housefull event. 2 PM, on the 18th of January, Sunday, follow @choosetothinq on Twitter. Plenty of Prizes!


Get set for some bubbly fun at the 13th #usedtothinq quiz.

We are having the the 13th #usedtothinq quiz on 'Indian Scientists' on the 11th of December at 2 PM. There are plenty of prizes to be won and it promises to be explosive. See you there!


#usedtothinq edition XII: Grand Slammed!

The twelfth edition of the #usedtothinq quiz, on the Big 4 of Tennis: Murrau, Nadal, Djokovic and Federer took place on the 4th of December. This time tennis and sport aficionados thronged the quiz with volleys and aces being lobbed at the questions. Needless to say, it was a grand success. You can take the quiz here:

#usedtothinq Edition XII: The Big 4 of Tennis