Jun 17, 2012

"curiosITi" - The Tender Leaves quiz

A brief announcement of an upcoming quiz

I'm conducting a quiz for Tender Leaves (easily Pune's most creative book rental service, even though I'm quite biased) on the 26th of June. The quiz invites participants from Pune's numerous IT/ITES companies, who usually house the best corporate quizzing talent in the city.

The details of the quiz can be found here, including a link to register. Yes, there is a registration fee, but did you know that all proceeds from the quiz will go to Teach For India, that excellent bunch of volunteers who donate their time and effort to teach India's under-privileged children? We hope you will be part of this fund-raiser, and we promise a good quizzing time in return.

The themes for the quiz are Sports and Entertainment, Business and Technology, India, and a little bit of everything else. And the questions on this blog aren't necessarily what you'll see in the quiz - it'll be tailored for that event and audience.

See you at the quiz.


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