Aug 22, 2012


England lost the 3rd and final Test match against South Africa in August 2012, bringing to an end its reign as World Test cricket champion. Two run-outs were decisive in the England fourth innings, leading to its narrow loss. One run-out involved Jonathan Trott and James Taylor. This extract from the Cricinfo report for the match describes it as:
When Trott clipped Steyn wide of mid-on, and Amla chased towards long-on, the lack of running urgency suggested that both batsmen had settled for a dawdling three. In fact, were it not for an outfield slowed by repairs after the _____ _____, it would have been four. The final arrow was about to plunge deep into England's ambitions that they might square the series.

Steyn, the bowler, was so convinced all meaningful action was complete that he collected his sun hat from the umpire before the call of "over." But Trott turned in invitation of a fourth. Taylor, who was running to the danger end, accepted with alacrity only for Trott to turn his back and leave Taylor stranded as Steyn transferred to the wicketkeeper.

Why had there been repairs on the field?

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