Sep 30, 2014


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The "Chhaatra Yuva Sangharsha Samiti" (CYSS), the student wing of this Indian political party, was launched in Sept 2014. Harshita, a student of IIT Delhi and also daughter of the party's chief, launched CYSS in IIT Delhi.

Who is her famous father and the party?

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Sep 29, 2014


In March 2014, the Irish bookmaker issued this ad that became controversial. What was this a reference to, which came to a partial conclusion in Sept 2014?

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Sep 28, 2014


This town in Missouri, USA, has been the scene of racial tensions since the death of a man at the hands of a policeman in August 2014. This town shares its name with that of a former sports official who was active in teaching a course at the Harvard Business School on The Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports in May 2014.

What name?

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Sep 27, 2014


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Created in September 2014 and fairly popular already, the bio of whose twitter account includes the following words:

Explorer. Loves science, photography and long cruises.

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Sep 26, 2014


What connects the following items from the world of entertainment:
  • A 1966 song by Cher, later covered by Nancy Sinatra and used in the film "Kill Bill"
  • What a fictional car does twice while starting up
  • A 2014 Hindi film based on the 2010 film "Knight And Day"

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Sep 25, 2014


In Aug 2014, the designer Nachiket Barve unveiled a signature line of bedsheets for Bombay Dyeing. Called "Toxin", this was inspired, among others, by creatures such as jellyfish, poisonous frogs, etc.

One of the inspirations is a neurotoxin, also popular among the fashion-conscious for other reasons. What?

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Sep 24, 2014


Sathyanarayana Raju is a musician from Uppalapu in Andhra Pradesh, who played the clarinet in films and bands. Why was there much discussion about his son in September 2014?

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Sep 23, 2014


After bypolls in Uttar Pradesh in Sept 2014 for the Lok Sabha, which political family now has MPs from three generations to the same Lower House? (Said to be the first time this has happened.)

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Sep 22, 2014


Someone rediscovered this author's short stories published in a 50s magazine called Redbook, and promptly published it, in Sept 2014. Complete the missing info in this visual.

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Sep 21, 2014


A cricket team from this country toured England in Sept 2014. Though led by an Englishman, like many countries not known for their cricketing pedigree, its squad comprised mainly of South Asians. The tour concluded with a loss in a T20 match against a Church of England XI held in Canterbury, Kent.

From which country was this team?

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Sep 20, 2014


The 2014 Asian Games were inaugurated in Sept 2014 in Incheon, South Korea. Incheon won the bid to host the Games in 2007, where it beat which Asian capital city's bid?

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Sep 19, 2014


"Once Upon a Dream" was a song written for the 1959 film "Sleeping Beauty". This song was covered by Lana Del Rey in 2014, and was seen in which film?

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Sep 18, 2014


Image: Wikipedia

In Sept 2014, news reports emerged that rumoured that this British knight, a senior vice-president at his company, said that the country of Switzerland was soon going to find itself in a lot of trouble. Who is he, and why did he supposedly say so?

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Sep 17, 2014


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In Sept 2014, a government office in the Argentinian city of Rosario disallowed the use of this name as a first name for newborns, on the technical grounds that this was a last name. This followed a case in another part of Argentina where someone fought to use this name for his son.

Which last name? (the most famous holder of this name has already made his first name quite popular in Argentina)

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Sep 16, 2014


In March 2012, Pete Frates, a salesman and former college baseball player, got some bad news from his neurologist. He decided to approach the problem more positively than a man in his position would be expected to do.

In July 2014, he was widely credited with pioneering what social media phenomenon?

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Sep 15, 2014


At the 2014 US Open tennis tournament, Kei Nishikori became the first Japanese to make it to a Grand Slam singles final. Another well-known compatriot of his also featured in a competitive semi final at the same tournament for the first time (previously making other Grand Slam semi finals in 1994, 1995, and 1996).


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Sep 14, 2014


The Japanese writer Haruki Murakami's novel "Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage" was published in 2013. The English translation was released in Aug 2014.

The book is about Tsukuru and his quest to understand something that his four friends did to him. The name of each of these friends indicates a colour; in contrast, Tsukuru's name means 'to make'. Building on this, the publishers of the novel have included something unusual with each copy of the book, that could be used to decorate the book, one set representing each of the five friends.

What is included with the book?

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Sep 13, 2014


The peacock is a very important symbol in this little-known religion, with the "Peacock Angel" being a significant figure in the religion's founding myths. They are primarily located in Northern Iraq, but if other forces in the region have their way, they may not remain there.

Which religion is this, which has made headlines in mid-2014 for being persecuted?

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Sep 12, 2014


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The rock group U2 released its new album "Songs of Innocence" in September in Cupertino, California. One of the songs was made freely available to listeners using a certain marketplace.

What else was happening on that evening there?

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Sep 11, 2014


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In September 2014, former England Captain Ian Botham delivered the 2014 MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture at Lord's. In his speech, he said "X" provides the "perfect opportunity for betting and therefore fixing" and believes "players are slaves to it". He added: "I'm worried about the "X" - in fact, I fear it shouldn't be there at all.It is changing the priorities of world cricket."

What was he talking about?

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Sep 10, 2014


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The Spanish clothes maker Zara had to withdraw this children's t-shirt after several people took umbrage with its design. What was the reason for the controversy?

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Sep 9, 2014


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In Sept 2014, an amateur detective named Russell Edwards created a stir by claiming that the true identity of a notorious person was Aaron Kosminski, a 23- year old Polish immigrant, who had come to England in the 1880s. He reached this conclusion after testing DNA from a blood-stained shawl. (This is also detailed in an upcoming book.)

Whose identity does Edwards claim to have discovered?

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Sep 8, 2014


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This event, gossiped and speculated for many years, finally occured in Sep 2014 in France. The magazines "People" and "Hello!" obtained exclusive rights to the pictures, and their payments were given to a charity named after a boy named Maddox.

Maddox, who attended the event, was accompanied by his 5 siblings. What was this event?

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Sep 7, 2014


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Something from Makaibari (a place in West Bengal) was an official partner at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in 2008 and was also served at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In Sept 2014, an order was sold at a record price of $1,850 per kg, making it one of the most expensive in India.

What is produced at Makaibari?

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Sep 6, 2014


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The actor-director Richard Attenborough passed away in mid-2014. In 1977, as the story goes, Attenborough was sent the script of a film by a well-known director, who wasn't sure whether an actor of Attenborough's stature would read it.

To which Attenborough was to have said later that he would have even read a telephone directory if that reader had sent it to him. Which director was this?

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Sep 5, 2014


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This term from the world of politics and governance is often associated with some Commonwealth countries such as the United Kingdom, and is also seen in the world of detective & spy fiction. In Aug 2014, Seema Malhotra, a British Labour MP of Indian origin, was appointed to one such position to tackle issues of violence and against women.

In Sept 2014, India's Congress Party brought the concept to Indian politics, but interestingly, using Twitter as its principal medium.

What is this about?

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Sep 4, 2014


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Priya Sharma's idea, submitted on a crowd-sourcing platform, was the basis for the logo of this government scheme, launched in August 2014. The logo, in the colours of the Indian national flag, depicts 6 people around a now commonly seen symbol that was also the result of a competition run between 2009-2010.

What scheme?

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Sep 3, 2014


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In July 2014, the hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan released an album called "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin", featuring over thirty songs. Unlike your average album, they plan to have a special tour for listeners to hear it at a price and eventually sell it for millions of dollars.

So what's different about this album, and why do they expect to sell it for a large sum of money?

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Sep 2, 2014


The TV series "Breaking Bad" expectedly won the 2014 Emmy awards for Best Dramatic Actor (Bryan Cranston) and Best Dramatic Supporting Actress (Anna Gunn). They both won for an episode in the 5th and final series of the show.

The episode's title comes from a famous poem by P.B.Shelley about a king, as a reference to the situation of the lead character. Which poem?

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Sep 1, 2014


In August 2014, a copy of "Action Comics No. 1", the first comic to feature Superman, was auctioned on eBay for about 3.2 million dollars. One percent of the winning bid was donated to a charitable foundation that works in researching spinal injuries.

The foundation is named after Dana and her husband - who is this husband, and what is his biggest claim to fame?

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