Nov 5, 2014

'Q.IZ' - a monthly contest - this month's theme


* Dec 2014: "Sanskrit".

* Nov 2014: "The Nobel Peace Prize". Results.
* Oct 2014: "Mars". Results.
* Sept 2014: either "Ice" or "Buckets". Results.


Here's how you play:

  • At the beginning of each month, we will announce a theme - the theme will be open-ended enough for you to write different kinds of questions.
  • Unlike our guest contributions and this blog's major focus, your questions DO NOT have to be about current affairs. You are allowed to interpret the theme in anyway you like, but there should ideally be a strong connection to it.
  • Our preference is for interesting questions, well-framed, creatively told, and about facts that will surprise even our jaded quizzing brains. Naturally, these are going to be a subjective choices, but we shall try and explain what we liked in a winning question.
  • As with our guest contributions: zero tolerance for plagiarism.
  • Use this form to submit your questions. If you have images or other media, please send a link or the file via email with the words "Q.IZ" in the subject line.
  • Submissions will be open until the 25th of the month. We will announce winners by the end of the month.

And we have prizes! Typically in the form of gift cards to online bookstores, the prizes are sponsored by Choose To Thinq who believe that a question a day keeps your brain cells grey. Prizes will be for between 1 to 3 submissions.


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