Nov 5, 2014

Q.IZ Oct '14 ('Mars' edition)- Results

15 entries entered the second Q.IZ contest, on the theme of "Mars".

Here are our 3 prize-winning entries (in no specific order):

By Tamal Dutta

X is an infamous animated Disney movie that released in 2011. It was a box office catastrophe and holds the second place in Wikipedia's list of 'Biggest Box Office Bombs' with an estimated loss of over $130 million. The title of the movie, X, tells that a certain predominantly red object is in want of a parental figure.

Unwittingly, in 2013-14, India "obliged" the red object by sending such a parental figure to it.

Identify the movie X. And what did India do?"

comment: Interesting linkage between the two facts!

By M.Lionel

Kasthuri Venkateswaran, a microbiologist at NASA in Pasadena, sensationally suggested that the space probes 'Spirit' and 'Opportunity' in 2004 might have infected Mars with a bacterium, Bacillus safensis, that probably now exists in a form there which is highly resistant to gamma and UV radiation. How does the bacterium get its name?

comment: interesting fact that we had not heard of before.

By Ameya Mardolkar

Pictured is a person who keeps shuttling between our neighbouring planets, NOT literally but 'literally'. Neither an Astronomer nor an Astrologer, but his work has been aimed at striking harmony between the two entities. And almost all of his works (some of which appropriately collaborated with his wife) have references to this heavenly bodies. Identify him.

comment: nice use of the theme in a different field, and nice framing as well.

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Nov 2014's theme is "the Nobel Peace Prize".


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