Oct 1, 2014

Q.IZ Sept '14 ('Ice' or 'Bucket' edition)- Results

17 entries made up the line-up for the first Q.IZ contest, where we asked participants to send in questions on the theme of either "Ice" or "Bucket". Some interesting, some new, some funny, and some plain unrelated questions came our way.

Here are our top 3, prize-winning entries:

By Anindita Ravikumar

Real Xs are able to conduct heat and are actually one of the best conductors of heat. Even as a X heats up, it is cool to the touch, much like ice. Once this ability was discovered, Xs were quickly identified as "ice" and heat conductivity quickly began to be a way to determine whether or not a X was real. What is X?

comment: we liked this question because this was a nice little fact that we didn't know before. It would have been better if the framing was not taken verbatim from its source, but we'll overlook it this time

By Nauman Ali

In the poem 'Line-Up for Yesterday: An ABC of Baseball Immortals' by Ogden Nash , he (Nash) dedicates each letters of the alphabet to an iconic Major League Baseball player. The poem pays tribute to 24 players, and the final stanza includes tribute to the players collectively.

Who is referred in the poem by the letter G?

comment: this talks about a well-known connection to the ice bucket challenge in a fresh way

By Mohsin Mustafa

Image: Daily Mail

This (photo from a) Ice-Bucket video still shows siblings Lucy, Tim and Robert taking up the challenge. In fact, they had 'volunteered' instead of their father who had earlier said: "Because I had pneumonia last year, it would not be wise for me to have a bucket of cold water poured over me."

What is the surname of the siblings?
comment: this would easily fit into the main IZ stream, a nice little current affairs nugget

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All the winners will receive Flipkart vouchers from Choose To Thinq in a week's time. Congratulations!

Special mentions: entries by Abhishek Veeraraghavan and Sanasi Kelkar.

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