Feb 5, 2012

Now the Featured Blog on Quizblogs.com

Many of you may know of Quizblogs.com, the website that aggregates an astonishing number of quizzing blogs, websites, and forums from around the world. "Infinite Zounds" has been on that list almost since the very beginning of its own existence and a peek at the backroom numbers has always shown the amount of traffic that Quizblogs.com pulls in.

Which is why we are happy to announce that "Infinite Zounds" is now a Featured Blog on Quizblogs.com (on the left sidebar here). And it comes with some kind words too.

Just the kind of fillip we needed as we head towards the 500 posts mark. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, and especially to those who regularly send us feedback. Got anything to tell us? Do write in at infinitezounds[at]gmail[dot]com. And if you're looking for lots more quizzing, you know where to head to.


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