Jun 30, 2014


The 2013 Sahitya Akademi Awards, among India's highest honours in literature, were presented in mid-2014. Among the winners is a Rajya Sabha MP, for his work of poetry in Urdu titled "Lava".

Who is this awardee?

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Jun 29, 2014


In May 2014, a 'hologram' of this person appeared at the Billboard Music Awards ceremony in the USA as a hologram, dancing along to a song named "Slave to the Rhythm". This is from an album named "Xscape", which is a posthumous compilation of that person's songs.


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Jun 28, 2014


Based on a guest question by Vaibhav Bajpai | contribute questions

Gran Turismo (GT) is a popular and critically acclaimed series of racing video games developed exclusively for Sony's flagship gaming console PlayStation. In line with promotion of a related sporting event from 20th-22nd June 2014, GT 6 released an update 1.09 in June 2014 that contains a new track with a scenic view as shown below.

What is the name of the new track added as an update to Playstation 3 version of GT6?

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Jun 27, 2014


In June 2014, the British Foreign Office Minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi unveiled eleven commemorative plaques, honouring close to 200 men. One of these plaques had the names of six Indians, such as Sepoy Chatta Singh, Lance-Naik Lala, and Naik Darwan Singh Negi, and will be sent to India later.

What was being commemorated?

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Jun 26, 2014


This 2014 hit Hollywood movie joins films such as "North by Northwest" in getting its title from a line in Shakespeare. The book it is based on was named after this dialogue from "Julius Caesar": "The _____, dear Brutus, is not in our _____, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

Complete the blanks and find out the name of the film.

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Jun 25, 2014


The wife of King Bhimadeva I, Udayamati, is said to have been responsible for building something, which the Archaeological Survey of India describes on its website as "the highest watermark of Solanki architecture." You could also say it makes one go "wow".


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Jun 24, 2014


What is common to these people:

* The King of Spain in June 2014
* The King of Belgium in July 2013
* The Emir of Qatar in June 2013
* The Queen of the Netherlands in April 2013
* The King of Bhutan in December 2006

but not the Pope of the Catholic Church in February 2013?

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Jun 23, 2014


Since Adidas is an official sponsor for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, rival shoe makers have come up with several ways to stand out at the World Cup without violating any rules. Several high profile footballers are wearing shoes by the German footwear maker Puma, which are under the "evoPOWER Tricks" brand.

What asymmetry do pairs of shoes in this brand use to get noticed, perhaps both equally by girls and boys?

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Jun 22, 2014


Raj Kamal Jha is an IIT Kharagpur graduate who later switched to writing and journalism. His first book, The Blue Bedspread, was published in 2001 and won a couple of literary awards.

Since June 2014, his name is seen (in fine print) next to to what designation, that has been previously used for distinguished thinkers such as Arun Shourie?

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Jun 21, 2014


Austria's Conchita Wurst won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest (a annual singing competition for mostly European countries), held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The story of Wurst's win made headlines partly because Wurst was born under the name "Thomas Neuwirth" and prefers wearing women's clothes on stage along with a beard.

Coming to the real question: where will 2015's contest be held, assuming no major changes?

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Jun 20, 2014


"Simian" is the name of a 2014 graphic novel by Vikram Balagopal. The story, based on myths and legends, begins with the old protagonist meeting his younger brother in a forest.

Who are these brothers?

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Jun 19, 2014


Their 2014 album is called "Tandanu", which takes its name from a Kannada folk song. The album features several collaborators, such as Shankar Mahadevan and Vishwamohan Bhatt. Consisting of members such as Tuheen Chakraborty, Nikhil Rao, and Himanshu Joshi, which group is this?

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Jun 18, 2014


Like in men's football, the Men's Hockey World Cup was also held in June 2014. Which country failed to qualify for the tournament for the first time in its history, ironic because one of its countrymen conceived the idea of the Cup?

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Jun 17, 2014


Though this Hindi language film was completed in 2012 and even won the National Award for Best Hindi Feature Film for that year (given in 2013), it only achieved theatrical release in 2014. It shares its name with a 'cinematic location' that was co-founded by the actor Ashok Kumar.

Which film?

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Jun 16, 2014


Wearing the "BRA-Santos Dumont" suit, Juliano Pinto walked out of his chair to do something in mid-June 2014. He is paralysed waist-down, and the suit is an "exo-skeleton" that can be operated using Pinto's brain signals.

What did Pinto do, which was seen by several million people?

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Jun 15, 2014


In June 2014, David Edwards, Professor of the Practice of Idea Translation at Harvard University will attempt to send the first ever official "oNote" through an iPhone app called "oSnap", to someone in Paris who will receive it through an "oPhone".

The first message will be such that it will remind the recipient of New York, while the reply is expect to remind them of Paris. What is the primary content of these messages?

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Jun 14, 2014


In May 2014, Pope Francis visited the Middle East, meeting with leaders such as the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. At one point, the two men seemed to have a minor argument, reported to have gone as this: Netanyahu said "Jesus was here, in this land. He spoke __X__". The Pope corrected him, saying Jesus spoke "___Y___".

What two languages were they referring to?

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Jun 13, 2014


"All the Way" is an American play that won the Tony Award for Best Play in 2014. It is about a US President trying to get support for a civil rights act in the 60s. The lead actor, seen here, won the Tony for Best Actor in a Play.

Who is the actor (better known for his breaks on TV), and which President is he playing?

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Jun 12, 2014


The five letters (in blue) in its logo are followed by two triangles overlapped to form a "fast forward" sign. Since they are in orange and green, and the backdrop is white, the visual reference to the Indian flag is complete.

Dedicated to India by its President in May 2014 and sharing its name with the national currency, what is this?

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Jun 11, 2014


"Manam", a 2014 Telugu language film, is the swansong of the actor A. Nageswara Rao (who died in early 2014). The film also stars his son and grandson, the actors Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya.

What is unusual about the names of characters played by these three actors?

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Jun 10, 2014


Based on a guest question by Aditya Gadre | contribute questions

This sportsperson's autobiography was serialised in newspapers in mid-2014 and will be released in full in later months. It is somewhat appropriately titled "The Climb".

Who, or what is he the 2013 champion of?

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Jun 9, 2014


What campaign is the US First Lady supporting here?

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Jun 8, 2014


Based on a guest question by Ramakrishnan | contribute questions

The owner of this chocolate confectionery company assumed larger responsibilities for his country in mid-2014. The company's name is a truncated version of the owner's. What larger role did he assume?

Image: Wikipedia

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Jun 7, 2014


Based on a guest question by Vaibhav Bajpai | contribute questions

The Shompens with Mongoloid origins, along with Jarawa, Onge and the Sentinelese are considered to be the last surviving stone-age tribes in India with a dwindling population. Considered as skilled hunters, they are a protected group in a jungle within an Indian Biosphere reserve with very limited contact with outsiders. It was during 2014 General Elections that people from Shompen tribe were enabled to exercise their voting franchise for the first time.

Which Indian Biosphere reserve do the Shompens reside in?

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Jun 6, 2014


He was the Sultan of Perak, a Malaysian state. He was the king of Malaysia from 1989 to 1994 (the country has a rolling system of kings). He died in 2014.

What was, undoubtedly, his favourite sport?

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Jun 5, 2014


In May 2014, Apple Inc. announced that it would be buying the audio equipment maker "Beats", which primarily produces headphones and speakers. The company's main line of speakers gets its name from the curved shape common to all speakers, which resembles something from medicine.

What is this line called?

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Jun 4, 2014


The 7th edition of the Indian Premier League was won the Kolkata Knight Riders, with its batsman Manish Pandey leading the 2nd innings chase for the team in the final. He was later quoted as saying: "We have got four achievements, Ranji Trophy, Irani, cherry on the cake was the IPL".

By "we", he didn't mean his IPL team, since the other achievements (the third presumably being the Vijay Hazare Trophy) did not involve his KKR team. Which team, which he belongs to, did Pandey refer to, which was rather apt on the occasion?

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Jun 3, 2014


"Queen" is a 2014 Hindi film starring the actress Kangana Ranaut as "Rani", a girl who has a set of small adventures in Europe during what should have been her honeymoon. The film was widely read as having parallels with a famous work of literature, which was also alluded to with the lead actress wearing a sweatshirt referencing that work.

Which work of literature?

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Jun 2, 2014


The World Health Assembly makes the big decisions for the World Health Organization. In its annual meeting in May 2014, one of the decisions it could not take was over the destruction of stocks of something, because opinion continued to be divided on whether they were still needed for the future development of drugs and vaccines.


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Jun 1, 2014


2013's sweet food sensation was the 'cronut' - a mix of a croissant and a doughnut. "The Green Radish", a New York-based food cart launched a contender for 2014's food-mashup with the 'donart'. If a 'doughnut' (duh) is one half of this, what is the other?

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