Sep 30, 2013


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He showcased an exhibition of his works in the UK for the first time in September 2013. His works are inspired by the many crowds and terraces he has experienced throughout his life as a fan of the beautiful game and as the father of a superstar footballer. One of his most recent works pays testament to that - with a sea of paper dolls wearing red.

Who is this?

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Sep 29, 2013


"Zinda Bhaag" is a 2013 Punjabi language film starring Naseeruddin Shah. After an announcement in September 2013, it joined two other films on a rather select list. The other two films are "Jago Hua Savera" (1959) and "Ghunghat" in 1963.

What list of films is this, which has seen such an addition after fifty years?

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Sep 28, 2013


Guest Question by Thinking Pipe | contribute questions

We know this woman as "Talisa Maegyr" from HBO's "Game of Thrones" series (this character has a significant presence in the 3rd season aired in 2012-13). However, she is not the only actor from her family.

Who was her more famous (maternal) grandfather?

(IZ hint: she was named "Oona" after her maternal grandmother.)

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Sep 27, 2013


Guest Question by Arvind M. | contribute questions

X and Y, who have appeared in many films over the years, are slated to appear together in a non-animated movie for the first time (based on an announcement made in 2013). The director and producer of this 2015 movie are the director & producer respectively of the latest movie featuring X. The producer has also directed movies featuring Y. They never appear together in comics and in this movie, Y is portrayed as the nemesis of X. Name X and Y, and the director and producer.

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Sep 26, 2013


Image: Flipkart

Who is the author of this book, which releases in October 2013? And what lexical jugglery has happened in the title here?

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Sep 25, 2013


Guest Question by KnowQOut | contribute questions

"A History of Future Cities" is authored by Daniel Brook, exploring four cities of the world. The final chapter on Bombay concludes with the wealth inequality in the city.

The chapter's title "_____ and _____" breaks down the name of a 2008 Hollywood blockbuster to establish the distinction between the two classes. Name the movie or the chapter.

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Sep 24, 2013


Guest Question by Mukund Marodia | contribute questions

It is the second largest of its kind in Russia after Domodedovo. Located in Moscow and opened on 11 August 1959, it is featured in films such as "Air Force One" and "The Bourne Supremacy", and the video game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2". Zahra Kamalfar, an Iranian refugee had been a resident of it for ten months as also a former American employee of consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton who lived there for almost a month.

What is being talked about?

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Sep 23, 2013


In September 2013, NASA announced the results of certain experiments and studies that have been analysing data for the last couple of years. The announcement confirmed that something had become the first man-made object to make it to inter-stellar space, even putting a date to it (Aug 25, 2012).

What object?

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Sep 22, 2013


Guest Question by Ashutosh Bapat | contribute questions

The Times of India, on 31st July 2013, published a newspaper article with the title:

"At 66, Mother India gets ready for her 29th baby"
What is the (yet-to-be-born) baby named?

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Sep 21, 2013


The Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA) Program was instituted in the US in 1943. Members of the program came be to known as the "Monuments Men" and went on to have distinguished careers in the field of arts conservation. Robert Edsel wrote a book about them, which is now being turned into a film (releasing in 2013) by no less than George Clooney. Clooney will appear in the film along with the likes of Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, and Bill Murray.

What was the main aim of this program?

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Sep 20, 2013


Guest Question by Ramki | contribute questions

He is an Indian-American professor of Gujarati origin, whose two brothers have also made names for themselves in Indian legal and medicinal circles. In July 2013, Bibek Debroy listed seven reasons why he never won the Nobel Prize for economics adding that the man "has won a fictional Nobel in a 2010 episode of The Simpsons. I fear it will remain that way."

Who is this personality who, in mid-2013, waged a war of words with his contemporary from right across his native state?

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Sep 19, 2013


Question Idea by B.V.Harish Kumar | contribute questions

The 2013 book "The Academy: Game On" is the first in a series of books about a girl who joins a sports academy on a scholarship. Since this is a book aimed at 'Young Adults', there is a healthy dose of romance and intrigue. The next book "The Academy: Love Match" is expected to be published in 2014.

Which former tennis star is the author of these books?


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Sep 18, 2013


Mark Carney trained as an economist and has spent time both in government and in financial companies. He became famous for having kept Canada out of the financial crisis of the last decade. He has now taken up a position across the pond, becoming the first non-Briton to hold a post that goes back over three hundred years. In some sense, expectations from his appointment mirror those of a similar appointment in India, also in 2013.

What post?

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Sep 17, 2013


Guest Question by Navin Rajaram | contribute questions

Amidst all the exuberance that has marked this destroyer of foes 'going critical', it is easy to forget that Monday, Aug 12, 2013 also marked the launch of a "bold/courageous one" that is twice the size of a football field, has enough power units to light up the entire city of Kochi and has enough cabling cover the distance between the city and Delhi.

Who are these two appropriately named entities?

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Sep 16, 2013


20, Fenchurch Street is an under-construction skyscraper in London, intended for commercial purposes and to be completed by 2014, if all goes well. Its unusual shape has led to its popular nickname of "The Walkie Talkie".

In September 2013, it also acquired another name in the media: the 'fryscraper'. Why?

Image: Wikipedia

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Sep 15, 2013


"That Was The Week That Was" was a popular and often controversial TV show on the BBC in the 60s. It was one of the pioneers of the 'satirical TV news' concept, making fun of politicians and other influential figures of its time.

The show brought long lasting fame to its presenter, who would often be lampooned himself. Seen in this poster, who is this?

Image: Wikipedia
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Sep 14, 2013


The inaugural edition of the Indian Badminton League was held in 2013, and was won by the Hyderabad Hotshots led by Saina Nehwal. The tournament followed a mixed format, similar to the Sudirman Cup, the premier team badminton tournament in the world.

Contests in the IBL, like the Sudirman Cup, consist of 5 matches between two teams. There was, however, one major difference from the Sudirman Cup format. What?

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Sep 13, 2013


Guest Question by V.K.Handa | contribute questions

A retired Justice of a State High Court is famous for important judgments such as the one regarding the abolition of carrying of night soil on head by "low caste persons". He was in the news in 2013 since he refused to take up an important Public Office in the state.

Identify the person and the Public Office.

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Sep 12, 2013


Krystian Zimerman is a Polish pianist, regarded as one of the best in the world. As is often the case with such artists, he can be a little temperamental.

During a concert in June 2013, he stormed off the stage during a performance, later coming back and telling the audience why. He resumed the performance. His reasons were similar to that of the actor James McAvoy, who stopped while playing Macbeth on stage in April 2013.

So what was the problem?

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Sep 11, 2013


To set in motion the events of this 2013 Hindi film and thus affect the lives of Sudeep and Ila, an organisation famed for its accuracy and efficiency must have committed one of its permitted 3.4-errors-in-a-million.

Which film is being alluded to here, which has received several rave reviews? And which organisation?

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Sep 10, 2013


Guest Question by Arvind M. | contribute questions

This award is an annual award and has been given out since 2008. Lionel Messi received the award for the 2012-13 season. This is the third time he has won it. Previous winners also include Wesley Sneijder and Cristiano Ronaldo. What award?

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Sep 9, 2013


"_____: Or The Two Lives" is a critically acclaimed biography of a Victorian era British Prime Minister published in 2013, and written by Douglas Hurd (a former British Foreign Secretary) and Edward Young.

Who is the subject of this book?

Image: The Guardian

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Sep 8, 2013


According to a version at the food recipes section of the BBC website, the recipe for this dessert is as follows:

Fans of this dish would have been bitterly disappointed after a secret decision (now revealed) taken in early 2013 dropped it like a hot potato, preferring a more commercial confectionery.

What is this all about?

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Sep 6, 2013


Guest Question by Sudarshan Purohit | contribute questions

Japanese popular culture is demarcated along rather different lines from Western pop culture. For example, the genre of 'Giant Monster' movies, starting with Godzilla, has a very specific name. Apart from the twenty or so Godzilla sequels, it was also applied to serials like Giant Robot, and several Anime series. The label has been used for the J.J. Abrams production 'Cloverfield' as well.

What is this name, which found new popularity after a reference in a 2013 movie?

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This day last year: Q.707

Sep 5, 2013


"13" is their latest album and appropriately released in 2013, in June. The album features tracks such as "God is Dead?" and "End of the Beginning".

The cover art for the album was a photograph of a sculpture by Spencer Jenkins, which was set on fire.

Which heavy metal band's album is this?

Image: Wikipedia

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Sep 4, 2013


In August 2013, Oxford Dictionaries blogged about the latest updates to its online dictionary. Many of the words were related to fashion and lifestyle, such as "geek chic", "double denims", and "chandelier earring". One such word, a portmanteau, is "jorts".

So if you were wearing a "jort", what two things would be on you?

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Sep 3, 2013


Guest Question by W.P.Fey | contribute your questions

What is common to all of these announcements made in 2013:

  • Twitter's new compressed tweet service, "Twttr"
  • New Netflix categories such as "Movies That Are In English But Still Require Subtitles"
  • The corporate history of "Uber", a San Francisco-based transportation company
  • Virgin Airlines' Glass-Bottomed Plane
  • The Shibasphere console from Toshiba
  • Samsung Eco Trees described as "a smart, eco-friendly air purifier that runs on solar energy"
  • The BMW Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile
  • Underwater Basketweaving course from Coursera

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Sep 2, 2013


In a special ceremony held in May 2013 at his house in Bandra, Mumbai, who is seen here receiving a prestigious award from Manish Tiwari, Minister for Information and Broadcasting in the Indian Government?


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Sep 1, 2013


The World Games are a quadrennial, multi-sport event modeled on the likes of the Olympics. First held in 1981, the 2013 edition was held in Cali, Colombia in August. The events are divided into categories such as Ball Sports, Precision Sports, and Strength Sports etc. Italy topped the medals tally with 18 golds, while India picked up a gold medal via Aditya Mehta in snooker.

What is the primary criterion used to decide if a discipline qualifies to be included in the World Games?

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